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Quality Research can TURNAROUND Yes, No More Institutes SHUT DOWN, No More EMPTY CLASSES

We are working on one RESEARCH project where we have to strategies “Skills Development through Quality Research”. We believe quality research helps in improvement of critical thinking and which in turns help in better decision making. Decision-making skill is one of the much-required skills in the corporate.
Myself along with my SWISS associate ventured –, a virtual research platform which cater the needs of the passionate researchers, from beginners to seasoned one.
History evident, there is no institute which has been shut down or has lack of admissions which has the research culture. Research has a great power of transformation and sharply impacts the thinking and decision making skills of learners.
The research efforts should be continuous and result oriented. It is not difficult for the academia to get idea give them a shape.
A well defined policy and mentorship can change the whole story.
We are working on the Four important areas to take the Higher Education to the next level i.e.
– Incubation and Entrepreneurship
-Skills Development through research
– Faculty Development
-Creating Research Culture

Let’s have a discussion, how the research can bring back smile on the face of all – Promoters, faculty, students and off course policy makers.

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