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Do we feel proud being academicians?

I believe education is the backbone of any economy! After learning basics the academia in higher education entrusted to sharpen the knowledge of the disciples to make them skilled.
In the rapid advancement of the technology and the emergence of the borderless economy, it has become vital for the academia to create and innovate to meet future challenges. Is it possible to teach something which an instructor is not aware of?
Students spend most of their time in campuses. They expect from the faculty to update them with latest happenings in their subjects. After almost six hours of classroom studies and spending almost eight hours within the campus, how much extra efforts independently we could expect from the students.
Briefly, the students expect from their faculty to keep themselves updated about the latest trends in the subject. What if faculty does not find time to read beyond age old books?
Now, carrying original Quality Research is Win– Win situation for all.
Win – Win for
Faculty –as it enhanced their knowledge,
Students –as it helps them keep updated about the latest happenings and make them ready to accept the real career challenges,
Institutions – as it helps institutions to justify their existence as students are able to get their skills sharpened and they get better career opportunities,
For Economy, as Quality Research suggest for the solutions for the problem faced by the industry
Moreover, skilled students are confident, less intolerant and it reduces the chances of social unrest making the life of the common people smooth.

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